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In this Advance chapter,

Killing represents the following that you can find out as follows:

  1. Your Boss
  2. Your Boyfriend (For Women only)
  3. Your Son (For Father only)
  4. Decision Making (For Man and Women)
  5. Husband (For Women only)
  • You will learn the characteristic of Killing behaviour.
  • The 12 Different Killing
  • The assessment of Killing in the Year reading
  • The assessment of Killing in Month reading
  • The assessment of Killing in the Day branch reading
  • The assessment of Killing in Hour reading

The Ancient Classical saying of Killing:

  • If there are element’s appears to withdraw their strength, this can become a very knowledgeable person.
  • If the usage is wrong, the outcome can be devastating!
  • If Eating gods are too strong and Killings is being controlled by it, the expression can be aggressive but internally they are afraid!
  • This will create its own coffin and sabotaging themselves very often! Or a cold scholar in another word!
  • Killing cannot read as disasters! If they are discipline, clothing and salary will be abundance!
  • Stem Eating God and branch combined, Children and grandchildren will be honour and praise!
  • Prosperous Killing in season, shallow Day master on stem will be easily injured.
  • Once killing and Officer disagreed with each other, one lifetime will face many disasters!
  • Killing seasons represent worrisomely, only control or tame can bring happiness! With this, they will be righteous and outcast evil doing. And their ranking can saves lives!
  • The killing season received tame, a first-class honour person. Should the honour come later, nobility depends on their children.
  • Killing season most afraid of clashes! But Hurting officer and Goat blade loves to clash. The day master MUST be strong to handle killing then it will be noble! Controlling killing is life without boundary!
  • “Discipline Killing” will receive enormous power, and will flourish during young age, If the day master can handle killing, can become a politician. Resource support killing will suffer the blame or overtiring themselves.
  • If killing can turn into power, it is a very powerful and influential person in the whole! A valiant character!
  • Killing can be control or weakening its strength.
  • But if the usage is injured in the first place, then the effect can be reversed and become disastrous! Use both control and weaken to find out the usage!
  • Control can be Heaven control, Branch control, Heaven Weaken and Branch weaken!
  • Killing dislike Hurting Officer, if the control is in harmony, then power will be given.
  • Day master is weak and killing without control, it’s just like a kitten, and character will become apprehensive.
  • Self-weak and strong killing without control, the disastrous will be unimaginable.
  • If it enter Officer Ground again!
  • This will bring illnesses, punishment and even death.
  • If Killing received too much control, poor scholar is in question!
  • If sees wealth ground in the year or luck, Killing will regain consciousness and exercise one’s power.
  • Killing is afraid of clashes! What can you do even when you are strong when your killing is injured?
  • Self-weak Killing strong becomes disastrous!
  • Real noble is when Killing received “Noble Control”, the Day Master is rooted than the Killing can be used!
  • Killing can become very powerful! If you are weak as long when your luck appears to strengthen you, Gain and Reputation brings double prosperity!
  • The question is on the accompanying strength, CAN IT BE USABLE! Look at the whole chart!

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