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In this Advance chapter,

Direct Resources represent the following that you can find out as follows:

  1. Your Mother (For Man)
  2. Your House (For Women)
  3. Usable and Not usable Knowledge
  4. Good and Bad Boss
  5. Good and Bad Husband
  • You will learn the characteristic of Direct Resources behavior.
  • The 12 different Direct Resources.
  • The assessment of Direct Resources in Year reading
  • The assessment of Direct Resources in Month reading
  • The assessment of Direct Resources in Day reading
  • The assessment of Direct Resources in Hour reading

The Ancient Classical saying of Direct Resources:

  • Direct Resource as a useful god; Intelligent and knowledgeable!
  • Will not meet with big disastrous in one’s lifetime!
  • If accompany with Officer, it will be powerful and influential.
  • The best is not to handle financial affairs in business dealings!
  • The fortune of Direct Resource is very unique, if they are supported by officer and killing, power and influence will be in place!
  • They have the loudest voice in the dynasty and their position is no question asked!
  • Killing with Resource are gutsy people. Or the lucks of Officer or Killing supporting the chart Direct Resource.
  • The future subjects to the configuration where kind and cruel lies within the pillar!
  • Don’t underestimate the fortune of a chart that has Resource, will have comfortable life if it falls in the year pillar, prosperous Resource will bring enormous fortune because of the continuous act of kindness that brings along gain and reputation!
  • Resource season loves Officer. If luck enters Officer, good fortune will follow.
  • Death and Extinct luck are bad for health!
  • But when it enters Wealth luck again, difficult to have achievement.
  • The resource represents good fortune, reputation will bring along assets.
  • Officer will bring along salary, the negative side of strong Resource will make a person wasteful.
  • But if the branch represents bath and stem combine with it, will have unconventional lifestyle, subdue, rebellion, squander and destroy family fortune.
  • The resource represents a comfortable life, but only afraid of hidden combined of Eating God.
  • Must learn how to save money at a young age, if not, life will be detrimental later on!
  • Multiple Rooted Resources is not afraid of Wealth and will enjoy the pairing of Friend and Rob Wealth with Conceive.
  • If Resource is destroyed and harmed, Officer can help! This is what it means by good fortune is destine.
  • Resource dislikes an overly strong day master otherwise, life without goals and objectives.
  • Unless there are abundant Officer and Killing, this reputation can serve as the support of life.
  • Resource sees the abundance of Friends on the stem, and encounter resource luck support again will have health problems.
  • Do not underestimate this structure, when lucks enter Wealth real fortune will come.
  • Resource dislike death and extinct ground, and they are most afraid of strong Wealth, year and luck double/triple combine with the month, a warning sign of disastrous or death!
  • People born with genuine Resource, strong Officer, and Killing serve as spirit and mind.
  • The resource comes with death, extinct or Wealth “branches” and without any help will become a lowly people in the “society”.
  • 丙丁 in 卯 seasons with the abundance of Officer and Killing, shallow Day master at autumn path are in vain.
  • If luck and year received prosperous wealth, instead it will bring fortune on meeting the Queen of his life!
  • 壬癸 received 申 dislike fire detest.
  • Earth appears in the structure will be noble if you know how to cure?
  • The location of water luck can be auspicious. If encounter 寅 clashes, the outcome will not be good!
  • Weak 戊己 loves to see 寅, born in Officer, and Killing season means will have honor in life!
  • If there are fire and earth, reputation will flourish. But afraid the lucks of 酉申!
  • 辛 day 丑 season read as Resource, 癸 day 酉 season are the same.
  • 辛 loves fire and dislikes West and North? 癸 love metal but afraid of invading fire!
  • 丙丁 born in 卯 season as healthy, But most afraid of 庚辛酉申 harm.
  • The abundance of wood and fire prefer gradual water luck! The Autumn season will bring disasters!
  • If the resource is in the season, life will have hidden protection and with a heroic act!
  • It also represents many talents and fewer illnesses, without Officer Resource will also have good fortune.
  • Killing is most preferred to appear on top and bottom.
  • It is better not to use Wealth as arbitrate!
  • Life will have no support on death and extinct lucks! When this happens, it is like entering hell!
  • If Resource is about dependent on ancestor!
  • The fortune of a house will depend on the door! If received the Officer year or luck!
  • Double prosperity will come with an understanding of the usage of the “MONTH”!!!
  • The day is preferred to born in the officer season! If not, walk on officer luck will have a clear objective! It will bring enormous assets, a high ranking officer in a stable career.
  • Abundance Resource and without officer!
  • Will be read as noble and virtuous with skill and arts!
  • Without Officer and Killing, there will be no nobility and good fortune!
  • Although they are talented with skill and arts but will live in cold and solitary.
  • Resource in the chart MUST be natural.
  • The movement towards gain, reputation, luxury home, good fortune, and wealth!
  • If Resource is affected by Wealth, all the good fortune will be affected!
  • Damaging Resource for Greedy of Wealth cannot read as bad. MUST understand the hidden factor!
  • If the lucks take away the Wealth will read as fortunate but entering Wealth lucks again will stop longevity!
  • As the classic said if Resource enter death and extinct, is afraid of Wealth and emptiness.
  • Disasters will be difficult to prevent. If fall under Water and Fire will be self-inflicted disasters.

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