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In this Advance chapter,

Direct Wealth represents the following that you can find out as follows:

  1. Your Wife (For Man)
  2. Mother In Law (For Women)
  3. Your Skill Sets
  4. Your Children Health  (For Man)
  5. Your Husband Health (For Women)
  • You will learn the characteristic of Direct Wealth behavior.
  • The 12 Different Direct Wealth
  • The assessment of Direct Wealth in Year reading
  • The assessment of Direct Wealth in Month reading
  • The assessment of Direct Wealth in Day reading
  • The assessment of Direct Wealth in Hour reading

The Ancient Classical saying of Direct Wealth:

  • Day master is weak and Wealth is prosperous, normally, the wife will be the breadwinner, afraid of the wife.
  • Direct and Indirect Wealth confusing structure, will trigger family problems.
  • And needs to pay more attention to family matters! Direct Wealth like prosperous Eating God and the day must be strong enough to handle the task.
  • If the Direct Wealth is stronger than the day, the career prospect will be in questions!
  • The officer on Direct Wealth seasons; the only worry is being disturbed or clashes.
  • If lucks walk on Wealth ground, teaching will be better than working skills.
  • Self-weak cannot handle Wealth if wealth produces Officer and become killing, instead, it will invite more trouble. Prosperous Day and Wealth are term noble; if the day is weak it will become disasters.
  • Direct Wealth dislikes Rob Wealth, it will be unimaginable if encounter clashes and harm.
  • It will be Unendurable when lucks meet Rob Wealth land.
  • They will not hesitate to rob even when life is at stake!
  • Rooted Direct Wealth will have power! A rooted day will have both gain and status.
  • If Resource comes and assists and help, gold and pearl will be everywhere!
  • Prosperous day if without Officer only use Wealth. If Wealth is being clashes will become a disaster.
  • Prosperous Wealth self-weak will shorten life span, but if Lucks can strengthen the day and Officer equally strong, fortune and longevity will come.
  • The resource can help support the day to handle the enormous wealth.
  • Rooted Resource will bring fame.
  • Not only will have a virtuous wife and graceful children, later part of life will have enormous Wealth!
  • Abundance Wealth! But WHY no Wealth!
  • It was due to a weak day and did not take care!
  • Once lucks enter prosperous Friends ground, triple prosperity will come one after another!
  • Prosperous Wealth day weak – sluggish labor! Big property and poor people!
  • Money is always the cause of disputes on friends and siblings and it is difficult to have happiness!
  • Prosperous Goat Blade structure and weak Wealth, solitary on resentment! Lucks walks on friends and rob wealth land will not be ideal.
  • If this happens, man and woman will live in a solitary life. The wife cried over sleepless nights!
  • Bully Wife! Look at the 12 Growth Table and look for Sick, Weak, Death, and Grave for Wife Star from the Spouse Palace!
  • Prosperous day and Wealth, a person of endurance, peace, and healthy!
  • Even occasional money obstacles in certain years will not be a big issue.
  • Rooted and Not Rooted definition!
  • Wealth is better to be kept inside branches.
  • The matching will be excellent if the day is strong!
  • But it will be bad to see face to face with either Friends or Rob Wealth.
  • Because one’s lifetime everything has to share!
  • Abundance Wealth self-weak, it will need to rely on resource support in your own palace!
  • From weak become strong, a call for celebrations!
  • Once the resource is injured, everything will be empty!
  • Wealth can produce Officer, prosperous day is supported by wealth will have an abundance of opportunity.
  • Abundance wealth self-weak waste effort!
  • Weak wealth being robbed problems everywhere! What it means by weak wealth!
  • Abundance Wealth prosperous self, double prosperity!
  • Money can turn into power as well! Abundance Wealth self-weak, tiring one’s self.
  • Also because of gossip, dispute starts! Negative Resource is the cause of gossip!
  • Prosperous Wealth is good to support Officer (work out all supporting factors), the prosperous day will categorize as good life.
  • But if the day is weak, lucks enter prosperous Officer will categorize as poor!

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