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In this Advance chapter,

Eating God is similar with (Hurting Officer) represent the following that you can find out as follows:

  1. Your Mother in Law (For Man)
  2. Your Daughter (For Women)
  3. Your Subordinate (For Man)
  4. Your Positive and Negative Habits
  5. Your Objectives and Purposeful actions
  • You will learn the characteristic of Eating God’s behavior.
  • The 12 Different Eating God
  • The assessment of Eating God in Year reading
  • The assessment of Eating God in Month reading
  • The assessment of Eating God in Day reading
  • The assessment of Eating God in Hour reading

The Ancient Classical saying of Eating God:

  • If the eating god is weak and day master is strong, and also see the resource, the wealth-generating machine will be stopped and the event will become very poor and useless!
  • Killing can be very auspicious if there is Eating God to control! Prosperous Wealth can benefit the wife and also strengthen children. If the chart doesn’t have Indirect Resource to disturb, children can assist father throne!
  • Eating God received thriving is term as Heaven Kitchen/chef. Their Clashes, harm, punishment, and death will harm the officer/killing characteristic! If the year pillar/lucks of death and extinct is Direct/Indirect Resource, and when it’s being combine, longevity will not be too good.
  • It is better not to have Eating God and Indirect Resource/Resource combine! It is better to have Wealth or Officer to enhance fortune. Eating God likes to walks on prosperous day ground, once encounter Indirect Resource or Goat Blade all effort will be in vain!
  • Prosperous Eating God is a talent and celebrity icon.
  • And there are excellent Water, Wood, Metal and Earth Eating God.
  • Officer and Killing will not confuse them; most of them will not have to worry about food and money.
  • Eating God comes first and Killing comes second, the majority of them will read as very fortunate.
  • Killing near Eating God is as good as getting them into trouble! One hard earn empire will be taken away!
  • “甲 sees 丙 are term as stealing, robber, bandit, etc…”
  • ”丙 Produced Wealth is term as Eating God”. Eating god personality is generosity, Fat; high salary….and when they are together with Indirect Resource will become Solitary and poor.
  • If Eating God is genuine, it can win over Wealth and Officer!
  • But first, they must be rooted! What if they are hurt and harm by Indirect Resource, their life will be busy around, difficult life and face any obstacle.
  • If prosperous Eating God is not being threatened, with this structure in place, it will win over Wealth and Officer.
  • It will be even better if the day master is strong and sits on Wealth.
  • Will enter the Golden Imperial hall during young age!
  • Eating God without harm will prolong life.
  • Once it comes with step-mother will be unpreventable!
  • If without Indirect Wealth to the rescue! It is just like winter frosting the flower in autumn.
  • “Health prevent your action and has to spend a lot of money to get rid of Health problems!”
  • If it can produce Wealth and weaken Rob Wealth, this can prevent problems.
  • If it can control Killing, then this is good omen and man of his word.
  • If children have this will destine to be a scholar and a very high ranking Officer!
  • Prosperous Eating God is good at producing Wealth. If the day master is strong, fortune will come.
  • But if the day is weak, instead, this will become a problem! Or if Direct Resource appears, it can prevent the disasters!
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