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In this Advance chapter,

Friends and Rob Wealth represent the following that you can find out as follows:

  1. Your Brother as the Same Polarity
  2. Your Sister Different Polarity (For Man)
  3. Stability and Instability
  4. Confident and Not Confident
  5. Firm and Unwavering
  • You will learn the characteristic of Friends and Rob Wealth behavior.
  • The 12 different Friends and Rob Wealth.
  • The assessment of Friends and Rob Wealth in Year reading
  • The assessment of Friends and Rob Wealth in Month reading
  • The assessment of Friends and Rob Wealth in Day reading
  • The assessment of Friends and Rob Wealth in Hour reading

The Ancient Classical saying of Friends and Rob Wealth:

  • Day master is strong and Resource/Indirect Resource and Friends also strong, and eating and Hurting officer are too weak, represent knowledgeable but unable to express and demonstrates. And can become a solitary state!
  • Goat blade appears in the hour cannot term as bad because it can serve as a supporting factor if the day master is weak. But it will not be ideal to see the same appear in the year and month.
  • Please do not read as bad if it happens to fall in the hour pillar!
  • Goat Blade dislikes clashes and combines with the annual year because it will bring disasters.
  • If 3 Punishment encounter Killing, it is just like meeting with the King of Hell!
  • Goat Blade hour like accompany of Killing.
  • But when encounter Wealth will have enormous obstacles!
  • A year and luck clashes and combine into the month, good and bad will arrive in the doorway.
  • Goat Blade received Killing admire Officer/Killing land. It is most afraid of Punishment and Clashes because it will affect its career!
  • The combine, 3 combo and seasonal formation of luck outcome is prosperous Wealth, have to protect and watch out for disasters and blame in this formation!
  • Friends and Rob Wealth structure are an extreme structure!
  • Needs to have Officer or Killing ground!
  • If without any control, once you enter Friends and Rob Wealth again, disasters will be difficult to prevent!
  • Rob Wealth Goat Blade will not be good for siblings and marriage life.
  • If the chart without Wealth will be poor in once lifetime.
  • Only Religious or monastery life can help, If not will hurt oneself!
  • Day master prosperous by the month and year, but should there be “Deficiency” of Wealth and Officer extinct, all good will become bad if meet with rob wealth again!
  • Prosperous Goat Blade has to depend on oneself!
  • And needs major lucks and yearly lucks on Wealth ground, and if the chart has Wealth and sees Wealth again will be fortunate.
  • But if chart without Wealth and sees Wealth luck, longevity will be in question!
  • Goat Blade in Killing/Officer Luck encounter clashes, harm, and punishment instead will become exceptional noble.
  • But not for Wealth luck to combine will encounter disasters.
  • But not combine/control/clashes of Indirect Wealth will encounter disasters.
  • But not combine/control/clashes of Direct Wealth will encounter disasters.
  • Goat blade/Friends is better not to appear on the stem, once lucks encounter again, bad news will keep on coming!


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