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In this Advance chapter,

Hurting Officer represents the following that you can find out as follows:

  1. Your Mother in Law (For Man)
  2. Your Son (For Women)
  3. Your Subordinate (For Man)
  4. Your Positive and Negative Habits
  5. Your Objectives and Purposeful actions
  • You will learn the characteristic of Hurting Officer behavior.
  • The 12 Different Hurting Officer
  • The assessment of Hurting Officer in Year reading
  • The assessment of Hurting Officer in Month reading
  • The assessment of Hurting Officer in Day reading
  • The assessment of Hurting Officer in Hour reading

The Ancient Classical saying of Hurting Officer:

  • If Hurting officer is too strong and is not your useful god, this will spell disastrous! Hardworking, difficult life, easily give in to others, manipulated by others. Become a dog and cow and enslave by others.
  • But if they are elements to control, then the outcome can be good.
  • Hurting Officer represents the property industry.
  • Extreme hurting the Hurting Officer are very noble people, should the Hurting Officer are unable to control, and when the Officer received its strength, the disasters will be quite drastic!
  • If Hurting Officer is rooted in season, as long as Hurting Officer is being controlled, the strength of the control will not be the consideration.
  • If encounter punishment, harm, and clashes and destroy, the Officer’s reputation will not last!
  • The control of the Hurting Officer can generate Wealth!
  • Prosperous Wealth can support officers! If chart without prominent or appearance of Officer? It cannot be said or interpret as without fortune or nobility!
  • Extreme hurting the Hurting Officer is a wonderful outcome!
  • There is also another saying of too much hurting the Hurting Officer will be bad!
  • This kind of structure has an enormous transformation outcome.
  • The Usage of Hurting Officer must be the focus!
  • Hurting Officer on Friends is not a bad thing. The same goes for Killing.
  • Friends will be read as unfavorable if there is no Officer!
  • But if the day is strong, is better not to have strong Friends!
  • The worst is better not to have Hurting Officer appear on the year! It can cut longevity and harm health.
  • If there is control over the hurting Office, very good in making money!
  • The control of the Hurting Officer can create Wealth! A person with a real substance!
  • Will inherit wealth from the ancestor, as long as wait patiently, the good will come naturally
  • Hurting the Hurting Officer is a wonderful outcome! Fortune, noble, and longevity!
  • And if lucks enter and prosperous the Day and accompany with Wealth, extreme nobility!
  • If Hurting Officer without control and received Officer, disasters will be caused by subordinates!
  • If the month is the Hurting Officer, father, and son will not be that good. And when the day branch is the Hurting Officer is self-injuries!
  • Hour appears Hurting Officer, a bad situation for children. Fortune and Wealth are not complete.
  • If Hurting Officer is on annual luck, disastrous!
  • Fire-Earth Hurting Officer must use extreme control!
  • Metal Water Hurting Officer must use Officer!
  • Wood Fire Hurting Officer and Officer must be strong!
  • Earth Metal Hurting Officer instead becomes Officer!
  • Only Water Wood Hurting Officer structure sees Officer and Wealth will bring happiness!
  • Hurting Officer cannot term as bad! As long there is control, comfort and Wealth will be abundance!
  • Eating God with branches combine, children and grandchildren will be longevity.
  • But will not be the case for Hurting Officer!
  • Should there be wealth but no Officer, how to take over the empire!
  • Hurting Officer is a Virtuous and Ambition person! Hurting Officer will punish and harm one kin without regrets.
  • 甲 Hurting Officer with the complete of 寅午戌. Wood Fire Hurting Officer a good reputation.
  • Hurting Officer is most afraid of prosperous Wealth and Officer Lucks! Especially they are being clashed, control punishment!
  • 乙 Hurting Officer is most intense! Only afraid of strong water unable to manage Hurting Officer, the Officer is contradictory!
  • 丙 Hurting Officer dry the earth, luck enter prosperous Wealth fortune will be blessed! And Water luck will destroy Hurting Officer; all effort will be in vain.
  • 丁 Hurting Officer is sentimental, they are proud people and with hidden stratagems.
  • 戊 Hurting Officer loves metal. And most afraid of invading fire.
    己 Hurting Officer metal is most shine! Strong metal soft earth likes Water. Weak metal dislike Wealth luck, Earth can bury and water can sink! Lucks enter Officer and Killing will encounter disasters. Reputation cannot last long!
    庚 Hurting Officer likes Officer! Lucks enter Officer and killing, nobility will come in many ways! Is just like forging metal, hard work will pay off!
    辛 Hurting Officer is 申子辰, Hurting Officer likes wealth! East and South luck Flames by flames, have to be careful with money.
  • 壬 Hurting Officer is afraid of Floating wood, Officer, and Killing become enemies.
    癸 Hurting Officer is afraid of Officer, dislikes 戊己 on the stems. Lucks enter Wealth support Officer Ground, all effort will bring disasters!




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