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In this Advance chapter,

InDirect Resources represent the following that you can find out as follows:

  1. Your Mother (For Women)
  2. Your House (For Man)
  3. Usable and unusable Six Sense
  4. Good and Bad Boss
  5. Good and Bad Husband
  • You will learn the characteristic of InDirect Resources behavior.
  • The 12 different InDirect Resources.
  • The assessment of InDirect Resources in Year reading
  • The assessment of InDirect Resources in Month reading
  • The assessment of InDirect Resources in Day reading
  • The assessment of InDirect Resources in Hour reading

The Ancient Classical saying of InDirect Resources:

  • Eating god structure accompany with Indirect Resource, will encounter disastrous most of the time.
  • And will develop ruthlessly and mean personality.
  • For life, that matters, appearing Indirect Resource, fortune, and longevity are weak! If there is control and combine over it, example 甲 day sees 壬辰、壬戌 and inside 辰戌 earth can prevent its combine.
  • 乙 day sees 癸未、癸丑,inside 丑未 earth to prevent 癸;
  • 丙 day see 甲申,
  • 丁 day sees 乙巳、乙酉,
  • 戊 day sees 丙子、丙申、丙辰, 己 day see 丁亥,
  • 庚 day sees 戊寅、戊辰,
  • 辛 day sees 己卯、己亥,
  • 壬 day sees 庚午、庚戌,and
  • 癸 day sees 辛巳、辛未。
  • If the day is strong, Wealth and Officer are being supported, can be term as a supporting scenario!
  • There is a hidden combo of Hurting Officer that supports Wealth base on Yang day master!
  • And there is also a hidden combo of attracting wealth for Yin day master! If without Eating God in the chart, then the reading of Indirect Resource will be itself.
  • Prosperous Day master can be read as a step-mother as well.
  • And will not be bully by step-mother! Instead, it will be in good terms.
  • Once Eating God appears, it doesn’t matter on the strong and weak, the Indirect Resource will immediately intervene the Eating God.
  • The observation of Indirect Resource must be attentive! The reasons are dynamic!
  • Also as said, if there is Eating God encounter Indirect Resource, there will be blame by elderly people.
  • There will be no freedom. Not proficiency on the job and duty due to laziness and regret in decision making!
  • The blame by elderly people is as good as being a bully by step-mother.
  • There are some people in early childhood that harm mother because of a hidden combo of Direct Wealth to Direct Resource!
  • Once they are mature will harm wife next because of the hidden combo of Hurting Officer to Officer that hurt wife intention!! (Because Officer represents the intention of Direct Wealth – The wife star!)
  • Classic’s act of intervening/intention as Indirect Resource, also as ruthless and Brave?
  • It can mean assets rich and good fortunate, and once encounter punishment, longevity, and Wealth will be in question!
  • If see Wealth, life will be unsettled.
  • If the negative is empower, there will be an unsettling day.
  • The abundance of Indirect Resource and self weak, punishment will due to face value!
  • Direct Wealth and Eating God encounter Indirect Resource, disasters are mainly due to speech and skill!
  • If it appears in the year, will be due to carelessness and laziness.
  • It will make one difficult to please and adopt a strange character!
  • Indirect Wealth can handle Indirect Resource!
  • But Killing can divert Indirect Wealth. Beware!
  • And the worst scenario is the day is weak!
  • And cannot handle Eating God! “Good Luck Classic’s, “said, Indirect Resource sees Officer and Killing, there are many Success and Failure!
  • And was due to the character of Indirect Resource Structure! There are fickle-minded and character strange.
  • Indirect Resource encounter by Indirect Wealth, insult, and abuse will become honor and glory!
  • Weak self is not a concern. With Hurting Officer will become wealthy by moistening.
  • As for Eating God will be useless? “Classic’s said”, Wealth is the best to handle Indirect Resource.
  • If the day is strong, meeting it will bring fortune. The self weak abundance of Indirect Resource will be ruthless!
  • Indirect Wealth is best to handle Indirect Resource. Just like the step-mother meeting with my father, she will change all the bad and benefits me. If she is free from control, is better for the day to be strong.
  • Weak is no good! If Officer appears, like Hurting Officer. Hurting Officer can combine with Indirect Resource. When these two meet, bad can become good? When Hurting Officer see Indirect Resource, wealth can be generated. But not for Eating God!


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