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In this Advance chapter,

Indirect Wealth represents the following that you can find out as follows:

  1. Your Girlfriend (For Man)
  2. Mother In Law (For Women)
  3. Your Skill Sets
  4. Your Children Health  (For Man)
  5. Your Husband Health (For Women)
  • You will learn the characteristic of InDirect Wealth behavior.
  • The 12 Different InDirect Wealth
  • The assessment of InDirect Wealth in Year reading
  • The assessment of InDirect Wealth in Month reading
  • The assessment of InDirect Wealth in Day reading
  • The assessment of InDirect Wealth in Hour reading

The Ancient Classical saying of InDirect Wealth:

  • Indirect Wealth meets Hurting Officer, Good talker, (Romantic or Dissolute and Affectionate; Passionate; Emotional; Sentimental). Hurting Officer supports Indirect Wealth, this kind of person has a wide range of ambition and drive, full of vigor, and when the opportunity comes, they will turn it into an easy fortune. If luck is discredited. It can also go back to its original state! Females will have the intention of infidelity.
  • Indirect Wealth Structure is the most difficult to comprehend! The reading will be based mainly on the highway! It is always money that caused criticize and abuse. Abundance Wealth self-weak will attract troubles! Same rules as Direct Wealth!
  • Indirect Wealth is not personal wealth, most afraid of Friends, Rob Wealth invaded, and without Rob Wealth to interfere, Family resources will be well protected!
  • Indirect Wealth is the wealth of the public! Most afraid of Friends on the stem! Prosperous day and Wealth will be a fortune. And if it brings along Officer or Killing it will be excellent!
  • If Indirect Wealth brings Officer, Rob Wealth appears will have obstacles! It is better not to have Rob Wealth luck. As this is term disasters luck!

  • The prosperous day with Indirect Wealth needs Officer! Luck enter Officer brings reputation. Brothers and sisters will take away Wealth and will bring trouble!
  • Indirect Wealth comes from other pathways. The day has to be strong to control and manage their generosity and loose personality! Will have several homes to reside, and hustling around due to gain and reputation!!

  • Indirect Wealth comes from other pathways, spoil lover and dislike wife, abundance woman luck, enjoy liquor and wildlife! Only went the day is rooted!
  • The prosperous day with Indirect Wealth is a heroic personality, will enjoy fortune if Goat Blade is not invading! Generosity must have discipline! Self-weak will encounter a difficult life!
  • If Indirect Wealth meets with Rob wealth, it will become poor due to the Robbing! Is it better not to let eating god trap inside Indirect Wealth!




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