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In this Advance chapter,

Officer represents the following that you can find out as follows:

  1. Your Boss
  2. Your Daughter (For Father Only)
  3. Decision Making (For Man and Women)
  4. Husband (For Women only)
  • You will learn the characteristic of Officer behaviour.
  • The 12 Different Officer
  • The assessment of Officer in Year reading
  • The assessment of Officer in Month reading
  • The assessment of Officer in Day reading
  • The assessment of Officer in Hour reading

The Ancient Classical saying of Officer:

  • Officer supports Resource, will have achievement in society!
  • Wealth support Officer appears, will have gains and great reputation.
  • Officer season is good to have either wealth or resource to be in the year or hour pillar and will not be afraid of Clashes, harm and emptiness! Noble and prosperity will be destined!
  • The officer is better not to be clashes, combine stem or branches! If Officer and killing come together, the goodwill become bad! If the killing can be transformed into an officer will be auspicious! If the officer is being transformed into the killing, the outcome can be disastrous!
  • The Day master must be able to handle Officer month!
  • The Day Master needs to find its root if there is no root!
  • The resource can substitute as strengthening the Day Master but when lucks enter wealth, as long there is a clash or combine to the resource, the Day master can enjoy honour and prosperity!
  • Officer rooted in the season of Day Master received its roots from Day or Hour Branch, Fortune without Boundary!
  • Wealth and Resource pillar without conflict, Reputable and influential comes during young age!
  • Rooted Officer in the month is term Real officer, as long without conflicts and with supports of friends/rob wealth or
  • Resources at the day and hour branches – The person will become Reputable!
  • And when Wealth and Resource luck arrive, is just like walking towards the Golden Imperial hall.
  • Good Resource and Officer are categorized as noble life!
  • Officer prosperous but self-weak instead officer will become the trouble maker!
  • Officer and day are prosperous and transform into wealth!
  • Prosperous wealth self- weak poor and illness follow thru!
  • The officer is better to be peace and harmony.
  • Without any conflicts will become a prominent person.
  • Hour pillar likes prosperous wealth; a chart is good to have Resources!
  • A single Qi in the season is pure noble if it repeated in the year will consider too much!
  • If killing appears to confuse, instead, will become difficult life and unsettle!
  • The officer is humanity and kind-heartedness, benevolence, eloquent.
  • Officer support Resource appeared in the year or luck, a sign of entering Jade Imperial councillor!


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