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Welcome to Your 1st Chapter video course.

In this chapter you will learn and understand as follow:

  • How did everything start?
  • What is an Emptiness in Nature?
  • What are Heaven, Earth, and Man
  • The Introduction of Human as a source of invisible Energy
  • The 12 Stems as the invisible 12 Energy
  • The explanation of the 12 stems energy and the 12 branches of form = What happens when energy becomes a Form.
  • When Energy becomes a Form and what it means?
  • The Man inside a branch and why they are there and how they get there? It will blow your Mind away once you know it! Anyone who holds this, hold the secrets!
  • The Secrets meaning of 4 seasons that no one knows how to explain it until now.
  • What are Time and Space? If you know this, you will always be lucky!
  • What is 60 Jia Zi as the 60 cycles?
  • How did the 60 Jia Zi cycle start? If you understand this, you understand life!
  • The Rule and Law of 60 Jia Zi cycle. If You know this, Strong and weak is child play.
  • Bazi Concepts and flexibility in its usage. If you understand this concept, you will be unstoppable!


Section 1
Lecture 11st Chapter of Life Part 1
Lecture 2Part 2
Lecture 3Part 3

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