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Continue from Chapter 1…….Live class recording and more secrets revealed.

In Part 3 video,

This will be the Holy Grail of the secrets of secrets Truth in Bazi understanding. Bazi learning is about understanding, if you learn to remember, you are learning the wrong way.

In this section, your jaw will drop to the ground once you watch my explanation. my explanation is easy but yet the meaning is profound. You gotta see it to believe it. Prepare all the bazi cases you have and reference it for a simple basic understanding of how the 12 growth is used in reading a bazi!

This will be an intense coverage on the 12 growth of nature

How each stem will undergo these 12 phases of stages. Each stage will be carefully explained on what will happen to each of the Stems in each stage as they pass by.

Section 1
Lecture 12nd Chapter of Life Part 1
Lecture 2Part 2
Lecture 3Part 3

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